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McGee's Swamp Tours, through a partnership with the non-profit Louisiana Swamp Base, offers immersive daytime field trips and in-classroom programs for grades K-12.


As the State of Louisiana's premier swamp excursion provider and proud partner of the Boy Scouts of America, educational opportunities for learners of all ages are a top priority at McGee's Swamp Tours. We have created programs that grow students' understandings of the Atchafalaya Basin while emphasizing our state's growth and future.



Bring the swamp to your school! Hands-on programs provide students with connections to their own communities and ecosystems. Combined with a field trip, these standards-based experiences provide students with the ultimate pre-field trip program.



Through our partnership with Louisiana Swamp Base, Inc. and the Boy Scouts of America, a variety of Scouting activities are hosted at McGee's. Whether your Scouts are looking to earn a merit badge, camp, participate in a service project, or traverse our adventure treks, McGee's has it all when it comes to Scouting!

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Bring your class (grades K-12) to McGee's for an immersive field trip like no other. Explore the diverse natural beauty and rich ecological systems of America's largest and most mysterious swamp ecosystem, the Atchafalaya Basin swamp!

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Learning is a never-ending pursuit, so opportunities at McGee's are not limited to school groups. Educational opportunities abound for adult education programs, senior communities, university students, and other non-traditional groups.

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