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A Little Bit About Bald Cypress

In 1963 Louisiana named the bald cypress the official state tree, but it served the state long before its dedication.

Cypress has always been a great building material as it is a very resistant wood. It holds up well against water, mold, and insects who want to nest inside. This rot resistance makes it so sought after.

For generations, native tribes used the trees to make boats, tools, and used the lumber for various things. In the early 1900's, Henry Ford collected cypress from the crates that shipped him spanish moss. Ford used it to build the chassis of his Model-T Ford. Logging of the bald cypress continued into the mid 1900's before the state began to restrict its harvesting in some swamp areas.

Today the bald cypress is protected in many areas and given the respect it truly deserves! Some of Louisiana's largest cypress trees can be found in Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge, Tickfaw State Park, Lake Fausse Pointe State Park, Big Cypress Preserve, and Joyce Wildlife Management Area. So go check them out!

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