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Atchafalaya Christmas Returns!

Following a highly successful inaugural year during December 2018, McGee's Swamp Tours is again offering "Atchafalaya Christmas" tours! These tours are a unique take on a Louisiana Christmas experience and are fun for all ages.

This Christmas season, McGee's has expanded its tour opportunities and will host approximately 2,000 people on 40 different tours over 10 days. Starting on Black Friday and operating on weekends through December 23rd, families and friends from across South Louisiana, and even guests from Texas and Mississippi, will venture into the Atchafalaya Basin with Papa Noël.

Each tour experience is 90-minutes long and includes a one hour swamp tour followed by 30-minutes of activities back at McGee's. During the swamp tour, Papa Noël will explain why he visits South Louisiana right before Christmas (the fish are biting of course!) and why he loves this area so much. At the midpoint of the tour, the boat will tie off to a cypress tree, which allows Papa Noël to visit with guests and then take an opportunity to read the Cajun Night Before Christmas to all onboard. The return trip to McGee's includes plenty of caroling, so make sure to join in! Back on dry land, guests get a chance to take pictures with Papa Noël's and share with him what they'd like for Christmas. After, they will head down to our ornament-making pavilion, where everyone gets a chance to create their own swamp-themed hand print ornaments. The ornaments are stuffed with Spanish moss and this year we'll be making pink roseate spoonbills.

We can't wait to share the Christmas season with you and yours and get an opportunity to introduce everyone to the Atchafalaya Basin!

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