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Scouts Tackle the Swamp

This summer, McGee’s is excited to be the official trailhead for the Boy Scouts of America Swamp Base high adventure canoe program!

Throughout the months of June and July, hundreds of Scouts from across the country (some attending from as far away as California and Michigan) will travel to the swamp and depart from McGee’s to begin a 61.6-mile, 5 day canoe/camping trip through the Atchafalaya Basin. Operating for it’s 7th summer, during their treks through the swamp Scouts at Swamp Base will be introduced to the environment, the wildlife, the food, and the people that make South Louisiana so special.

The goal of the Swamp Base program is to challenge young, teach them leadership skills and teamwork, but ultimately to change their perceptions of what swamps are, so that they can be positively promoted and ultimately better protected for future generations to come.

If you happen to see Scouts on the water with their yellow paddles, we ask that you please practice patience and yield to them as they’re making their way through our area. Thanks!

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