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Atchafalaya Basin Swamp Tours!

Get ready for an excursion of a lifetime through moss-draped cypress trees, where graceful egrets perch just out of the reach of lingering alligators! The young and not-so young will enjoy McGee's swamp tours through one of the most unique wildernesses on Earth... the Atchafalaya Basin.

While on your 90-minute swamp tour, you’ll explore the diverse natural beauty and rich ecological systems of America’s largest and most mysterious swamp ecosystem. Our native Cajun tour guides will explain from personal experience what it is like to live on a houseboat or survive off the swamp—while pointing out the abundant plants and birds of the area. Of course no tour is complete without spotting alligators and bringing our guests into an “alligator hole” for some real close-up opportunities with these majestic creatures!


- Those looking to learn more about the swamp & Cajun culture

- Bus tours and excursions

- School field trips

- Those with younger children or older guests

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