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Gator Season is Upon Us!

Today we celebrate the spring equinox. Hurray for spring! Besides the flowers blooming and birds nesting across South Louisiana, with spring comes the beginning of alligator season in the Atchafalaya Basin! Brace yourself... the gators are coming! Hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world visit the swamps of Louisiana each year, and their number 1, without a question, most important thing they want to see when on an airboat or swamp tour with McGee's are alligators! The warming temperatures across the area means that our reptilian friends will soon begin waking from their winter slumbers and venturing out of their dens to bask in the sun. Often times these gators are a little dirty, having spent the last few months burrowed in a mud den along the side of a bayou. Regardless of how "presentable" they are, we're always excited to see them! As the days continue to grow longer and warmer, the waters of the Atchafalaya Basin will too. Though spotting alligators is still a little rare at this time in mid-March, by April they'll be out in abundance, and guests on our airboat and swamp tours will be seeing them all around.

If you're visiting Louisiana, make a stop by McGee's and we'll help get you up close and personal with our unique wildlife!

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