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The Most Perfect Night Ever!

The second weekend of Atchafalaya Amour is in the books! Here are some of the amazing reviews about this unique swamp tour: "I can't say enough good things about this! The most perfect night ever! Hot, delicous food...cold, never-ending wine... beautiful, soothing music...and breath-takibg scenery. Just perfect. Can't wait until next Valentine's!" - Rachel Delcambre "McGee's is very well known down in the south for providing the friendliest and most informative stamp tours. Very large boats that can accommodate any size group.

I am excited to finally be able to review because last night we took a very special tour. Atchafalaya Amour Tour. This tour is offered during the month of February, with many available dates.

Includes dinner, drinks, a sunset tour and live music. My husband and I had brisket, but there was also a fettuccini available. Came with a side of corn grits, and a dinner roll. Dessert was bread pudding. All of the food was delicious and you had your choice of red or white wine. Very nice wines! Food was really tasty, not just your typical plate lunch type of stuff.

There was a young woman perched in the corner with a guitar, and at first, we thought it would be such a great casual touch. We were completely blown away by this young woman's voice! It sounded like she was on stage with a microphone, professionally. She was simply brilliant and played a very diverse genre of songs. Her voice was never overpowering and was the perfect backdrop to this romantic evening.

The boat captain walked around and made sure everyone was comfortable and struck up conversations with us. The surrounding area was beautifully lit by the lights of the boat during the entire experience. Some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see is in the swamp!

I see that I've already said enough, but could probably never say enough about this wonderful experience! Friendly staff, ease of access, all around first class experience!" - Lainey Simon

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